Fit for life: Health-related removals

Professional relocation service: Into your barrier-free life

We all know: Everything is nothing without health. The world often looks very different after an illness or injury. What you need then is caring, reliable support. After leaving the hospital, settling- in back at home often means dealing with new barriers and challenges. You need someone who takes you seriously – who clears the way and doesn’t add to you difficulties. 

Maybe you don´t think of relocation companies as a helping profession, but we see it exactly that way. Empathy is our strength. It is our job to not only organize a perfect removal but also to respect our clients as individuals with individual needs. As an owner-managed company with a unique corporate culture, we succeed in putting this special something into practice. 

Should you be restricted in mobility after your hospital stay, we can make the appropriate modifications in your home to make it accessible – and comfortable. We can assist with finding a home that meets your new needs and preferences. 

Ask us about our no-cost household improvement program (disability insurances cover the cost, up to €4,000.00 beginning in January 2015) 

We handle it.

Our household improvements for you:

  • The uphill climb: Ramp installation

  • Good health begins with good food: Kitchen refurbishment

  • Everything under control: Installation of handles, knobs, etc.

  • My new home: Search for an accessible apartment in ideal surroundings
  • Throwing off ballast: Sale of furniture on a commission basis
  • 1-2-3 and gone: Disposal of unneeded items
  • I live, others work: Administrative assistance (assistance with applications, visits to the authorities, postal forwarding, announcement of address modification and much more)